Buy coffee directly from the people who grow it

Farm to home coffee

All of the profit from each pack sold of Farm to Home Coffee goes directly to the farmer. This means that we provide you with the freshest coffee available whilst ensuring that the value placed on good coffee can be appreciated by the people who grow it.


The Project

Really Matters

80% of the world’s coffee is grown by smallholder farmers. The retail coffee market is estimated to be worth over $83 billion per year, however this value does not reach those who grow it

01 Behind Each Cup

It takes up to 5 years for a coffee tree to bear fruit. Farmers work hard year-round to cultivate, pick and process each bean, ready for export.

02 The Problem

Despite their hard work coffee farmers are restricted to selling their raw coffee in local markets at prices outside of their control, sometimes even below the cost of production.


Follow us to discover more about the producers we work with and the communities behind them. We aim to bring you the freshest coffee from the farm to your house while creating access to the full value chain in coffee to the farmer. We want to make sure coffee supports those in the industry who need it most.

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