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We Have Change Our Name!

As we hope you can see, we have been working really hard in putting this all together. It has be a Herculean effort to coordinate all the moving parts all the way through from the Farm to our warehouse in order to have the coffee ready for you to buy.

We have changed our name

We’ve discovered a lot of interesting things along the way and [learnt how the coffee supply chain works] in much greater detail.

The plan has always been to put the farmers at the centre of the branding for this retail platform. This is why we chose the original “Roasted Beans” name. We felt it was simple and embodied a simplicity of what we are aiming for.

Whilst was simple, we found it didn’t separate us enough from others in the industry who have similar names.

So we thought, why don’t we find something more representative of what we are trying achieve?

We arrived at name which we think more closes encompasses what we are trying to achieve by working with the farmers in this way. The new name is now, “Farm to Home”.

The farmers who we are working for also feel the same. And we are really pleased to be representing them to you as buyers of the coffee they grow and produce for you drink. Their farms and retain their focus and your, who drink their coffee are able to understand more about how we have worked to put it on sale for you.