The producers

There are many things that can influence the quality of a cup of coffee. The variety of the plant, the altitude of the farm or even the amount of rainfall before a harvest can impact a coffee’s potential. But nothing is more important to the journey of each bean than the work of the producer. From planting the little coffee seedling in the nursery to hand-picking and processing the first harvest four years later, coffee is only fully realised through a combination of the producer’s earned knowledge, hard work, patience and expertise.

Meet the Producers

To find partner producers for the Farm to Home Coffee project the International Trade Centre first put an open call out earlier in 2020 to coffee growing groups and cooperatives located throughout East Africa’s producing countries. All the coffees were chosen for their distinctly unique flavour, quality score and cup profile, a result of the coffee’s distinctive terroir, variety and, of course, production. The result is a range of coffees that are as distinctive and vibrant as the people who grew them.

Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

Origin: Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Arabica coffee was first discovered in the forests of Ethiopia, where it still grows, thousands of years ago…

Communal Shamba

Origin: Tanzania

Communal Shamba is a social enterprise that supports smallholder coffee growers in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands…

Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Center

Origin: Uganda

The Kabonero Mountainous Coffee Growers Co-operative Society Limited (KAMCOS) is a Co-operative of 601 smallholder coffee farmers based in the Rwenzori Region of Western Uganda…

Migoti Coffee Company

Origin: Burundi

Migoti Coffee assists producers in coffee processing and production, whilst developing access to international markets…

Every bag of Roasted Beans sold contributes to the income, wellbeing and future of farming families and communities in Eastern Africa.